OnePlus 9R Google Camera Gcam Apk Port Download Latest

Download Google Camera Apk Gcam Port for OnePlus 9R which allows users to take high-quality photographs and videos and provides advanced features, and capabilities. If you love photography and want to take good photographs using your OnePlus 9R phone, then Download OnePlus 9R Gcam Port apk & install it to take better photos than the stock camera app.

Nowadays, almost every mobile user uses a mobile camera to take photos. So, it is possible to take perfect photos using a mobile phone. Google Camera Apk also known as Gcam Apk is the most advanced optimized camera Application designed & developed by Google only for Pixel & Nexus devices. It provides users most advanced features and capabilities to take high-quality photographs and videos. But, Google doesn’t provide it for other Android devices, So, Third-Party developers do the job and port the Gcam App and make it available for other Android phones.

OnePlus 9R is a Mid-range 5g smartphone sold by OnePlus which comes with a Quad 48+16+5+2 MP camera setup at the rear & a 16 MP single camera setup at the front. Since it is a Midrange-level smartphone so the stock camera app performance is good. But, the Gcam Port Apk is a kind of application that can enhance performance slightly and give you better output. Let’s talk more about it:

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What is Google Camera Port (Gcam Apk)

GCam is a camera app that is developed by Google and available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher versions of Google devices, Google Camera uses advanced algorithms and techniques such as HDR+ to enhance image quality & dynamic range of the image.

Also, OnePlus 9R Google Camera Apk Gcam Port has Manual controls, Adjusting ISO, White Balance, and exposure to fine-tune their photos to get the perfect shot. It supports a wide range of lenses, camera modes, wide-angle, telephoto, fish-eye, Night Sight, and Portrait modes.

In addition to its advanced camera capabilities, Google Camera also has a range of other features that make it a popular choice among Android users. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use, and it is constantly being updated with new features and improvements. It also has a large community of users and developers who share tips, tricks, and custom settings, which can help users get the most out of the app.

Google Camera (GCam) APK v8.7.250 Download Latest For All Android

GCam is a powerful and versatile camera app known for its advanced features and capabilities, which allow users to take high-quality photographs and videos. With its wide range of lenses, camera modes, and other features, it is a popular choice among Android users.


HDR+: This feature enhances the dynamic range of an image by capturing multiple photos at different exposure levels and combining them.

Night Sight: This feature allows users to take low-light photos without using a flash, by using advanced algorithms to combine multiple exposures into one image.

Portrait Mode: This feature uses AI to detect the edges of a subject in the frame and apply a blur effect to the background, creating a shallow depth of field and making the subject stand out.

Super Res Zoom: This feature allows you to take high-resolution zoomed-in photos by capturing multiple frames and improving the resolution.

Motion Photos: This feature captures a short video along with your still photos, creating a moving picture effect.

Top Shot: This feature automatically selects the best still photo from a series of photos taken just before and after pressing the shutter button.

Make Stickers: This feature allows you to add reality stickers and effects to your photos and videos.

Slow Motion: This feature allows you to capture slow-motion video at high frame rates.

Time Lapse: This feature allows you to capture time-lapse video by taking a series of photos at set intervals and stitching them together into a video.

Make GIFs: This feature allows you to make GIFs in a Single tap only, you don’t have to use any other application to make GIFs.

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Download OnePlus 9R Google Camera (GCam) APK Latest Version

Download Google Camera (Gcam) Apk for OnePlus 9R all the latest versions easily. Make sure, you have to test your device compatibility before downloading the file.

File NameDownload
OnePlus 9R Gcam v8.7 version 1.2Click Here
OnePlus 9R GCam v8.7 version 2.4Click Here
OnePlus 9R GCam v8.7 version 2.5Click Here
OnePlus 9R GCam v8.7 version 2.2Click Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam 8.0 VersionClick Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam 7.6 VersionClick Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam 7.5 VersionClick Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam Version 7.4Click Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam 7.3 VersionClick Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam 7.2 VersionClick Here
OnePlus 9R Gcam 7.1 VersionClick Here

Google Camera (GCam) APK v8.7.250 Download Latest All Android

GCam Config File Download For OnePlus 9R

The Gcam also supports the Config file, Here we provide the best available GCam Config File For OnePlus 9R which you can easily install on the phone. All you have to do is follow the complete step below:

  • After you install the Google Camera on your Phone
  • Open the App
  • Click on any blank area
  • Then select the Config file you have downloaded on your phone
  • Now the Google Camera will install the Config file
  • Then Tap Restore to make sure any changes you have done.
  • Now the Google Camera will restart
  • Then you can use the app
  • Done

Note – The above following steps are only available for OnePlus 7, don’t try these files on the other Android models.

Check Camera2 API Availability

Before you start to download Google Camera you must ensure to check the Compatibility of the app, Gcam uses the Camera2 API camera HAL (hardware abstraction layer) which is available in Lollipop & higher, If it is available then the app will use this to execute the new features. To check the compatibility you need to use a third-party camera app. The following steps will help you:

  • First, Open PlayStore on your phone
  • Search for Manual Camera Compatibility app & Select it
  • Now install the app & Open it
  • Then Tap Open to Run the Manual Camera Compatibility Application,
  • Then it will ask you to grant some permissions for accurate results.
Manual Camera Compatibility app install to Gcam
  • Click Start to begin testing camera2 API compatibility.
  • The compatibility report will be generated in a few seconds.
  • Make sure, all the ticks are green to Use Google camera apk

Enable Camera2 API

After the camera2 API compatibility test if you got failed in results then the following solution will help you to fix the problem easily:

  • Root your Android phone
  • Then Download & Install Es File Explorer
  • Open The Es File Explorer =>> Go to Root Directory
  • Go Down and Open the System folder
  • Then Find the Build.Prop file & click on it
  • Then Open the Build.prop file using the notepad editor
  • Now add the below code
  • Save the build.prop file
  • Reboot the device
  • Reopen the Compatibility checker application
  • Test again
  • Done.

How To Install Google Camera Apk on OnePlus 9R

  • Download Google Gcam Apk 8+ to your OnePlus 9R phone
  • Open Device Settings =>> security setting and click on the unknown sources
  • Go back to the main menu
Install Google Camera Apk in Android 10,11,12
  • Then Open File Manager,
  • Select the Gcam Apk
  • Tap on Install
  • Now the installation process will be initiated
  • This process will take some time
  • Once the installation process has done,
  • Now click to open Google Camera Apk and enjoy!
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Slow-Motion Videos
  • No more editing required

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Final Words

Gcam is a powerful and feature-rich camera app specially designed for people who love to click photos & videos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to take better photos with your phone, We recommended you download & use the Gcam to explore all of its features.

Well, We hoped we cleared all your doubts along with tutorials to install Google Camera Apk Gcam Port on OnePlus 9R phone. Still, if you have any other queries and want more help from us then you can let us know in the comments section below.

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